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Last Updated  April 29, 2013.  All material copywrite protected.        


CELEBRATING 12 years serving Martensville, Warman, Saskatoon, and Area

Opening Day for 2013 is Saturday, May 18

Dea and I must start by thanking all our wonderful customers and friends for making the 2012 Season the best ever.  We are very pleased to have been of service and will continue to do our best to be deserving of your continued support. 

Spring Specials

In May and June, 2013, we will be offering the lovely Thunderchild Flowering Crab for the very low price of $19.95.  We grew these trees especially for this occasion.  They are premium 4 to 5 foot trees that are very well rooted in 1 gallon pots.  They have already experienced three winters outside at our nursery in Martensville.

The Thunderchild Flowering Crab develops into a 16 foot vase shaped tree with lovely pink flowers in spring and deep purple foliage all summer long.  It is immune to fire blight.    

Web Site; Updated on April 29, 2013.  

Thank you to all those who continued to visit out Web Site even though it had not been updated for over a year.  I will be working hard to make our site the Site of Choice for all things landscaping and gardening.  Stay tuned.

New Shop

We are finally starting to settle into the new home for the LITTLE TREE NURSERY.  Besides being our personal residence, the beautiful new building features a lunch room / lab area, office space, shop area, and cold storage.  This new facility will greatly enhance our ability to propagate difficult material that would otherwise have to be shipped in over hundreds of miles.

Twelfth Anniversary in Martensville

How the time flies!  We continue to enjoy our amazing crew.  Together it seems we are able to produce a product that improves every year. 

We will be delighted to see you.